About METOPAS Company

Mutopas Company with the aim of participating in oil, gas and steel development projects in the fields of design, consulting, management on construction and construction of steel and concrete structures, contract management and technical supervision and inspection services, and construction of fixed parts and equipment (valves, tanks And 2) and rotating equipment (pumps, electric motors, etc.) and single-bridge and double-bridge overhead crane structures and hoists from 250 kg to 70 tons, relying on four companies under its auspices and more than 17 years of experience, its readiness To cooperate with oil and steel complexes and organizations.

It should be noted that this company is one of the suppliers of spare parts and complete pack required in refineries, petrochemicals and steel complexes in the country and in the field of design, construction, repair and supply of Valve Shop and Pump Shop equipment in many refineries. And petrochemicals and steel companies are providing services.

All managers, officials, and employees of Metopas Company strive to provide a healthy and growing environment in their organization by observing the following ethical and behavioral core values ​​and behaviors:

    • Striving to gain the necessary practical and scientific experience and to enhance the level of professional knowledge of the staff and staff involved.
    • Observe safety, occupational health, environment, and work regulations to protect yourself and others and prevent energy loss.
    • Responsibility by using all the power to perform assigned tasks and to adapt to new changes and conditions.
    • Keeping order, discipline, organizational fitness, and creating a relaxed environment.
    • Respect for human rights laws and regulations and respect for all colleagues’ rights.

    • Leadership and guidance of the relevant colleagues at all levels of the organization.
    • Active participation in business development and offering productive suggestions.

    • Compassion, respect for one another, and respect for administrative hierarchy.

    • Confidentiality and non-disclosure of information within the organization.
    • Happiness and avoidance of personal encounters with issues.
    • Creating and expanding the culture of education.
    • Moderation, perfectionism, and central justice.
    •  Honesty indeed, speech, and behavior.

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