The Company has a wide range of reputable trades in and out of the country through reputable dealers , of raw materials including construction materials , metals , various industrial automation equipment , networks , and so on Our Company international business office in Germany , can provide you with instrumentation and raw materials due to applications .

Electrical equipment and instruments with European brands, including:

  • Supply of steam traps and smart steam loss control systems BITHERM GROUP ESPANIA
  • Supply of explosive equipment DELVALLE GLOBAL SOLUTION SPAIN
  • Supply of Ratchet Disk and Static Mixers STRIKO VERFAHRENSTECHNIK GERMANY
  • Supply of THERMOEST FRANCE Thermal Elements and Thermocouples
  • Supply of rotary vibration displays and radioactive level measuring equipment and alarm panels RONANA ENGINEERING COMPANY USA
  • Provide interfaces and isolators between the control system and the DATEXEL ITALY field

Mechanical equipment with European and American brands, including:

  • Supply of original spare parts for explosion-proof crane equipment
  • Supplying original spare parts for wells with CAMERON BALL & GATE VALVE brand
  • Supply of spare parts for Fisher, Dresser Masoneilan (GE) & BURKERT
  • Supplying key parts of the HHPS route used by the Forbes Marshal brand
  • Supply of main components of Control Flow, Somas, Dresser Masoneilan (GE) & Fisher actuators
  • Supply of main components of LESER, CROSBY, BOPP & RETHER PSVs
  • Supply Minimum Flow Volvo Spare Parts with SCHUF, SCHROEDAHL & SCHROEDER brand
  • Supply of KSB & TTP pump spare parts
  • Supply of spare parts for Siemens turbines and compressors
  • Supply of Dry Gas Seal spare parts with Siemens brand