Detergents or scrubbers are dust collectors in which a liquid is used to remove particles or pollutants from the outflow of air. In detergents, the flow of contaminated gas either by spraying into the liquid, or forcing it to pass through the liquid, or by other means of contact, comes into contact with the washing liquid to eliminate contaminants from the gas.

The scrubber can be designed to collect particles and / or gaseous pollutants. Good contact between the washing fluid and the contaminated gas is a key point in the operation of the scrubber. The scrubber traps dust particles by trapping them in droplets, then droplets are collected and pollutants dissolved or absorbed in the liquid.

The four major categories of wet scrubbers are:

  • spray detergent
  • bed detergent,
  • mechanical detergent and
  • Atomic gas cleaner.

Depending on the amount of pressure required to de-dust the exhaust gas, it will produce different types of low, medium and high energy scrubbers