SUD CHEMIE is a German company founded in 1965 in the field of catalysts. The company started operating in India to provide easy access to natural resources and reduce raw material transportation and production costs. It should be noted that the senior management and quality control personnel are German companies.
The products of this company, due to their high quality and remarkable lifespan, can be used in different industries and are divided into five different categories in basic industries as follows:

1- Synthesis Gas

a.Ammonia  b.Direct Reduction of Iron Ore  c. Methanol

2- Refinery Fuel Upgradation

a. Fcc Additives  b. Middle Distillate  c. Fuels Production  d. Isomerisation  e. Lubes & Waxes  f. Hydrogenation of Olefins  g. Diesel Hydrotreating  h. Pruduction of Polygasoline & Higher Olefins  i. Butylene Dimrization  j. Purification of FCC off Gases  k. Trapes & Guards  l. Sulfur Recovery Units  m. Hydrogen Production in Refineries

3-Chemicals & Specialties

a. Custom Catalysts  b. Sulfuric Acid  c. Other Oxidation Catalysts

4- Air Purification

a. Automotive & Stationary Engines  b. Industrial Exhaust gas Treatment

5- Petrochimical

a. Selective Hydrogenation For SteamCrackers – OleMax  b. Hydrogenation of Pyrolysis Gasoline  c. Purification of Polymer Feedstook ( Ethylene / Propylene )  d. Production of Terephthalic Acid ( PTA ) – H2Max  e. Alkanes Dehydrogenation & Dealkylation – Catofin  f. Aromatics & Derivatives  g. Conversion of Methanol to Propylene – MTPROP  h. Ethylene Dichloride ( EDC ) – OxyMax  i. FCC Off Gasteatment  j. Polypropylene Production – C Max  k. Styrene Production — StyroMax

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