Refrasmith Company is a refractory products manufacturer founded in 2001 as a foreign company in China.
The company’s products fully meet the basic needs of the non-ferrous and non-ferrous industries such as steel, copper, nickel, lead, glass and cement for refractory materials. The products of this company have been marketed with favorable quality and competitive price and exported to countries such as Iran, Australia, India, Turkey, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Greece, Qatar, Indonesia and others.
Some of our products include:
• High alumina refractory bricks
• Chromium magnesium refractory product with direct bonding
• Chromium magnesium refractory product with semi bonding
• Fully bonded chromium magnesium refractory product
• Carbon refractory product
• Magnesium base bricks and other normal refractory materials
• All kinds of cast and integrated products for metal and non-metal industrial users
To find out more about this company, please refer to the attached pdf file.

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