This Company mobilizing the diffrent instrument and multiple machines in the field of manufacturing of steel structures & equipment ,

industrial machines , as well
as workshops surface preparation , machining , H construction machines ,plasma cutting machine,CNC

cutting and milling workshops and electric workshop of this company has an industrial identification and certificate of industrial activity

from the ministry of Commerce , providing thechnical and engineering services as follows:

  • Machining of specific parts with a precision of 0.001 at high circulation
  • Design and construction of bending , shear , stretch , forge and metal sheet
  • Design and manufacturing of various parts and industrial equipment
  • Construction of all kinds of valves , pumps , gearboxes and reverse engineer parts in the manufacture and design of industrial parts in the manufacture and design of industrial parts and assemblies
  • Molding of casting parts under RCA-die
  • Design and manufacture of pneumatic jacks construction of the compressor crankshaft and the crankshaft the construction stage compressor